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Y2Kaos, remastered

by Ambient Temple of Imagination

Fire 06:26
Lust 05:40
EarthQuake 06:18
Exorcism 07:23
Daath 03:05
Hipgnosis 04:28
Mantram 06:20
Arma-Get-On 07:39
Devotion 03:26
Obsession 08:38
Ancestors 10:41


The contagious fear of madness—losing their mind can be fun for those who have no mind to lose, joyously smiling, it doesn’t have to be losing CONTROL, but it needs to to some degree, in the apocalypse of humanity’s sanity, the quest-i-on is: where did it go? who was RESPONSIBLE? was it the mad cow disease?, pollution?, nuclear radiation?, ELF waves?, chemical food?, mercury fillings?, SETI?, pharmaceuticals?, ATMs?, frog sweat?, invisible unseen things that can never be detected?, Hollywood?, Disney?, Elvis?—what of pup-doggins? everyone thought they were innocent ANUBIS cellular division placed everywhere, watching, listening, observing the progress, learning, teaching, all of it collectively stuffed within the 21st century schizoid hue-man who now has mutated into something else, something MORE THAN HUMAN, more than I, me—we HUMANS, multidimensional cosmic beings capable of ingesting unlimited amounts of information, that all the ancestors combined couldn’t even dare to dream of—these monstrous cities, these maniacs, these precious humanoids gliding sleeplessly, effortlessly, through all the limitations and barriers to their full potential being, BWRC, MYSTERY, manifest now with full power, some with cybernetic brains firmly injected online, enter the true rainbow warriors, defying all logic, reason, and acceptable standards of animal behavior, yet civilized somehow, they…invading the dead boring dullness with RAW, FRESH, ORGANIC, LIVE FOOD FEASTS that simply don’t require burning rainforests to feed their hunger for life—detonate now the orgasmic thoughtbombs of the inner nuclear mind, the flesh into electromagnetic energy, behold the CHURCHES, TEMPLES, AND MOSQUES transformed into the true sonic laboratories of the spirit—2112 OR 2012?—if we have the ability to do so we will, the true will, the signals received, transmitted, stay in touch, while touch still feels, for it is coming soon, the plug-ins for the digital orgies in infinite safest sex, interactive, with no dirt—but I want the dirt, you say, cyborgasms not approved for mainstream experience yet…soon…not yet…yet I feel it coming…it’s coming…all hell’s breaking loose…look out…LOOK OUT HERE SHE CUMS flooding forth a froth of nu babies, overpopulating this world to make sure the jobs get done, no matter how much destruction, she still comes through, how wild are her mysteries GOD/DESS—what were “we” then? in the process of becoming did we really have a choice ever? pre-destined, pre-programmed within the DNA codes? these commands then sound off triggers, the chain reactions, the chemistry of all this universe within the lifeforms, interspecies communications, scary the future mom and dad millions of years from now, planetary bodies, no more gravity, NATURAL solar powercells in our cells, memory banks erasing, floating, reptilian skin, yet I will remember your love, feeling stronger than death, it held the we together, it enabled the crisscross SWIMMING functionality, usefulness and self-worth, live long and prosper, have fun, be well, and enjoy the muzak while it can…

originally released July 1999 on Mystery School editions


released February 13, 2012

Richard Sun (1-23), Seofon (1-17 + 22-23), Mark Wayne/E.A.R. (14-23), Joshua Maremont/Thermal (14-17 + 22-23), Peter Becker/Freezer (15-17), Justin Beck & Jordan Cadogan/Bluescreen (18-21), Stephen Kent (14 + 22-23), Johannes Ayres/IAO Core (14 + 18-23), Daniel Callahan/IAO Core (14 + 22-23), Kira Westfall/IAO Core (18-21), Roy Robinson/23 Degrees (14)




Ambient Temple of Imagination San Francisco, California

The Ambient Temple of Imagination (ATOI) is an open collective dedicated to activating the world’s imagination through experimentation. For details please listen to the "History of ATOI" free podcast, where Seofon explores the origins, ideas, and music of the Ambient Temple of Imagination through interviews and audio tracks. ... more

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